Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Beginnings & Walk of Faith

Here is our program for New Beginnings February 12th. The girls planned and carried it out themselves and did a great job. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that night but it was good. I made pink Rice Krispie cookies with colored sprinkles for Valentines Day for refreshments.

Here's the inside of the invitation with the Young Women pledge in Spanish and English. We do both English and Spanish in our class... Even the singing is done in both!  We had a translator on this night because the talks were by the North Americans. We have a really good bunch of girls who help each other and are kind to the younger ones. We have had an investigator in my Beehive class for several weeks, and she just got baptized on Sunday. All the Young Women were there to support her and her sister (who is in primary).

This is the walk, with leaders coaching kids to stay on the right path! There were many obstacles along the way and we had to talk them through obstacles like... Water, ice, loud music, narrow pathways, balloons in the face, etc. you get the picture!
This is our "Walk of Faith" activity that Julie helped with while she was here. It was a big success and the bishop had some of the Young Women talk in sacrament meeting about it... They did such a good job. Sorry it's darker, but the walk was done blindfolded in the dark. This was the end where they discussed the activity. Kudos to the Young Men who organized and did a great job.

This is another pic of the culminating discussion at the end with the life sized picture of the Savior lighted at the end. We did this in the middle of January and it was well attended.