Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kaminaljuy​u y Museo

We went to dinner two weeks ago after our shift with four other couples. It's brand new and right next to Missionary Training Center. The service was slow, but a fun experience!



Kaminaljuy​u y Museo

They found ancient artifacts when they were breaking ground for a big shopping center, and the agreement for continuing to build the mall, was that they would put a museum in the mall and preserve the Mayan artifacts. There was even skeletons from an ancient burial ground enclosed in glass in the ground, just as they were buried... Some looked like little children or families buried together, with pottery, etc.

The Kaminaljuyo is an actual archaeological dig, and we got to look at the underground buildings that look sort of like temples. They are all over the city under hills everywhere, but the government does not have the money to fund the digs.

Here's the pamphlet from that field trip. We went with Pitchers and our trusty guide and taxi driver, Andres.

Passage way

Active arch site

Unexcavated burial sites

Us and the Pitchers

Goal for ancient futbol

Water channel section

Cover over ruins to prevent theft and weather damage.

Parquet Kaminaljuyu

Us and the Pitchers

Firewood for cooking

Burial site with gifts and the real skeletons

Incense burner

Miraflores Mall, best one ever seen, anywhere

Skyline Zona 7

Volcanoes in the distance

Mushroom idol to ward off evil spirits

Map of trade routes between ancient cities

Big guy right at home

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