Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our New Apartment!

This is the front of our Fort Knox apartment, gate and guard included! We are across the street from all the other senior missionaries.

This is the walkway just inside the gate. Eternal Spring... You betcha! Actually, May through October is the rainy season and winter here. I don't know how that works because we are above the equator... But it's winter!

This is the front entryway into the four casitas... Notice the iron gate and locked front door? Dad christened the step by falling down on his way to the temple in his suit! That's like his forth fall! We must be getting old, but he jumped up like Chevy Chase, "I'm okay!!"

This is the hallway, with an empty apartment on the left. A couple, the Thompson's, is coming and have just finished serving in El Salvador. They know Spanish and have worked in the temple before. The Murri's apartment is the one straight ahead, and ours is on the right.

These are the stairs leading up to President Harris' apartment. It is the whole floor above us. They even shipped a nice treadmill from home, so they could have it here.

This is the backyard, but we can't access it from our apartment. Wait until you see what we have!

This is our little "patio" which is totally open at the top with wrought iron bars and barbed wire. We have some plants and are going to find two patio chairs, so we can sit out there when it's not raining.

This is the view from the kitchen. I took a Carl Block print off the wall at our old apartment, now I need to get the temple engineers to hang it! It's really pretty.

This is our dining and kitchen area. I bought the table runner and Pitchers' brought us the flowers for a house warming gift.

This is our kitchen... Totally nice granite counters and tile everywhere. They do tile work everywhere here.

This is our laundry and storage room, which everyone is jealous of. I told them I have my Master's Degree in laundry, so that is why I got it!!! Actually, every apartment has a nice feature about it that is unique to that space.

Here is a "selfie" of our bathroom. Notice the tile walls, shower, and tile floor?

This is inside of the shower, which is long and nice. We sometimes have hot water, unlike our lukewarm water at our other place. No complaints here!

This is a skylight in our bathroom, which has no windows. It is fabulous!

This is our bedroom with our king size bed... I know! Some of the missionaries were a little jealous. We didn't ask for it, the engineers brought it. I told them, Gary is the biggest guy in the temple and he needs it... Settle down! Notice my $13.00 Toms on the bed?!

This is our bedroom window. It looks out onto out little patio. Our front room windows do the same.

This is our housewarming present that the Pitchers' brought us from their trip to El Salvador. I am going to hang it on our patio.

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