Monday, January 13, 2014

The Last of Tikal

This was a little hot spring along the way... I soaked my feet and it is the best they have felt in nine months. It smelled like hard boiled eggs, or something similar!

These were some precious little kids who paddled out in their canoes to meet the tourists in the boats. They had little homemade items in their boats to sell and the driver of our boat stopped so we could look. There were two little girls and a boy. They live in the little villages in the background and you can only access their homes by boat. Of course, I bought something! I am a sucker for cute kids and they are all cute here!

This is how coconuts grow here, and there are tons of the. Also, we saw a banana plantation on the way, too.

This is one of the homes along Lake Isabel. This little family put out everything they had to sell in their little "store."

This is where we had lunch when we reached Livingston, which is a peninsula. You can go out to the Caribbean Sea from here, but we didn't go that far. This is the Pitcher family and us. And yes, I found a Diet Coke! Yay!

This is called an Ant Highway, and yes, they do make giant trails as they march along carrying their food. It is hard to see, but they are there!

This is a giant fort which way built by the Spaniards to keep out the pirates. This was located in Rio Dulce right next to the water so they could shoot the pirate ships as they came in. The cannons were all the way around the perimeter. We stayed here for the nights for January 14th and 15th, but not in the fort itself!

This is a view of the fort from our boat as we pulled in. They took us on a tour and it was interesting and very well built... All by hand! There is a moat around the outside, too.

Here is the moat and they guy whose job it is to clean it! Yuck!

This is the prison in the basement and two people were kept here in this little space. Yes, this is where they ate, slept, and everything else. I guess I don't want to be a pirate anymore! Arghhhh!

This is the entrance to the Castillo de San Felipe dated 1651. It has a drawbridge that is cranked up by hand and has all kinds of living quarters.

This is what the inside of the castle/fort looks like.

Here is the map detailing our zip line adventure in Panajachel. As you can see there are eight platforms and yes, we hike to the top! We did see monkeys in the trees on the way up.

On January 16th and 17th, we traveled to Lake Atitlan by van. Many here believed that this is the waters of Amoron. This is a colorful street which we strolled down.

This is an Asian (yes, the waitress spoke Spanish) at Lake Atitlan. Pitchers and their family, Sister Viveros, our guide, the Murris, and the Roberts. Dad was beginning to feel sick here from either bad food or water, and eventually, everyone go sick on the way home!

This is us in our boat on Lake Atitlan, with the volcano in the distance. We are headed to our hotel, which you can only get to by water.

Hotel room at Lake Atitlan... This is where Dad spent most of his time... en el baño! It was primitive, but charming. The hotel was 45 years old!

Here is Herman Viveros and Elaine buying the typical fabric in Livingston. Notice all the typical blouses across the top and the little sales lady helping them!

This is our little friend who followed us all day. He was proud to speak a little English, Kechi, and Spanish. He showed us on the map where he went to school on Lake Atitlan and told us that his father can't work and he does this to help his mom. He was really smart and very cute!

This is another little entrepreneur who followed up around. She even tied a scarf around my head like hers when I was sitting on the curb waiting for the shoppers. She was hoping I would  buy one! I didn't get one, but we gave her some money for taking a picture with us.

This is Lake Atitlan and volcanoes in the background. Sister Viveros, Pitcher family, and me... Minus Dad. He was still in the hotel room sick. :(

This is an active volcano erupting at Lake Atitlan. Those little puffs look small, but they are pretty big and hot when you are closer!

Here is the beautiful Cathedral downtown that we toured when Julie was here. She has a picture of a beautiful rug inside that wasn't a rug at all. It was colorful sawdust put together in a patter to look like a rug!

*If you would like to see more pictures from this trip, go to this URL!

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