Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dinner With the Pitchers

These are our friends, the Pitchers, from Pleasant View, Utah. I have mentioned them before, but I wanted to tell you a little about them and their new calling here! This is us eating Hawaiian Haystacks for Sunday dinner a couple of weeks ago in our apartment. We usually pool our resources and invite each other on Sundays, so that has been a fun respite for the week. We used to walk every day with them until the changed us to all the Spanish speakers shift... One of these things is not like the other! He has been a bishop, a stake president's counselor, and a stake president in Utah. They have five children, four of whom came down during the January break and we traveled with them... It was so fun, especially their red-headed, 15 year old grandson, Jace, who was so funny! She was a teacher in the Weber County School District and Sally O. did her student teaching with Elaine after WSC. Paul served a mission 4 something years ago in Guatemala, so he was so excited to come back. Elaine didn't speak Spanish, so like us... It was challenging for her. About two months ago, Paul was called to be the Executive Secretary to the area presidency: Elder Amado, Elder Ochoa, and Elder Duncan, so they work in the area offices now and will probably have to move from temple housing to a place called Victoria Suites, where all the area office people live. (We call it Victoria's Secret haha!) It is downtown, and pretty far from us. Elaine is still able to work a Tuesday morning shift at the temple. Paul is also a counselor in one of the two branches at the CCM, so they attend church there. That will probably not change, so they will be nearby on Sunday's. We thing they were sent here exclusively for us haha! They have been wonderful friends, they get our sense of humor, and have been a great blessing in our lives here since they came in June. They have given us a sense of family when we are so far from ours. They are wonderful, kind, funny, caring people, and we love them a lot!

Look at this little beauty I scored today for 20. "Bad Venison!" ;) We're living on a prayer! Bahahaha. I am going to wear it to Family Home Evening tonight. Boo yeah!

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