Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Visiting

We took a detour from the tour bus in Antigua and struck out on our own while the bus load went for lunch. We had heard about a place called "Earthlogde," from a ward member, so here we are hiking to find it (high above the city of Antigua). Blake is in his fashionable scarf and his new friend, who loaned him the bike! We walked through this little city looking for our destination. The boy and two of his brothers worked at Earthlodge, so we know we were on the right track.

We finally found Earthlodge! Hiking down to our destination!

Here it is! Earthlodge! It was a charming little out-of-the-way place. It has a little restaurant, cabins, yoga, an avocado field, and was a little hippy-ish place. The food was really good and we probably would have stayed if we could! There were hammocks all over and it was beautiful and relaxing!

This is a common sight in little villages here. This lady is making her way home with the firewood for the day!

This is seen a lot on the highway. A little family heading for their destination/work. Actually, there is usually more people in the back of the truck! There was a baby under the blanket, too.

This was the Ego Ning of our tour at Tikal where we got cauge in a down pour. In less than five minutes, we were soaking wet and walking in water! Yes, we stayed that way for the remainder of the day and the plane ride home. :/ Not flattering, but fun!

This is the town "Laundromat," where women come and wash their clothes. We were on our way to find Earthlodge!

Trying out the "tuk tuk" for transportation. They said it was pretty fun!

Of all the available hats, this is the one dad wanted to buy! This is at one of the little villages at Lake Atitlan with Rach and Blake.

This is a GIANT old tree in Tikal, which I think is the national tree. It's called the Ceiba, it is over 400 years old!

Love the translation here?! We tried not to seat on the monuments!

If you look closely, you can see Rach and Steph at the top of this Mayan Temple.

This was a religious ceremony being performed by this little family around the fire at Tikal.

Here we are under a little grass hut shelter, waiting for the rain to let up. Notice the running water on the ground at the top left corner of the picture? Yes, we were wading around in that!

This is one of the many beautiful Spanish cathedrals in Antigua, when we all took a little day trip with Sister Viveros as our tour guide.

Totally photo-bombed by Blake above Antigua... Still smiling even after he took a bad fall and majorly scraped his leg on that monument in the background!

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