Sunday, September 15, 2013

Buses & Belts

Is Dad back in the grocery business? I hope not!

One of Mom's favorite stops on walking tour.

Dad stumbled and fell again. I had to take picture of the small bush that kept him from injuring the cement with his body. I hope the third fall is the charm and I don't topple over again. One time a painted stripe reached up and tripped me. It's hard to see mom next to that red bus with her red shirt and hair, but it is truly her. They say down here don't ride the red buses they are dangerous. Of course they are only dangerous if you get on them.

Dad has lost enough weight that his pants fall down. He devised this genius way of holding his pants up when we walk all over creation!!! Hey, I've got an idea.. How about a new smaller belt or pair of pants?! Oh wait, that wouldn't be quite so funny!!!

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