Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Packages & Potluck

Here is one of the many little vegetable "markets" we see along our walking routes each day. The truck is parked at the curb and they just set up shop on the sidewalk. Looks good, huh? They will even cut the fruit and give you a taste... They have some mangoes, pineapples, etc.


Yay! A package from my BFF, who pretends to be a schoolteacher, but is really an archaeologist! A National Geographic magazine with a story about Mayan history. Thanks, Sue!


Another potluck on Saturday night at our apartment for all the temple missionaries and President and Sister Nickolayson from the CCM. We invited them because they are never with adults, just missionaries. They seemed to enjoy it. This was really a great potluck, with a lot of variety... Of course Dad LOVED it, even though he is losing weight!



Here's a photo that I had to sneak around the corner for, the Murri's looking like a couple of teens, watching the movie ANTS and singing along. Good times!

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