Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Seeing" the President

Here's a cute pic of some girls on the street in typical dress... They were a little shy but posed for a picture!

Here's a photo of all the missionaries at the CCM the day we watched the Draper singers, the day of miracles! Oh I just realized, you're not supposed to take pictures at the CCM... Oops!

Presidential Surprise:
We left for our daily walk about at 7:30 am and we go on different routes every day but most of the routes go by the president of Guatemala's house in some way. We always talk to the guards, police, and motorcycle guards outside his place as we walk by and bring them treats. We always joke about seeing the president in person someday. Well, today we were walking by around 9:15 am, headed home with our groceries, and we saw the motorcycles with their flashing lights, so we stopped on the road outside his house. The big steel gates opened and out came his black SUV, followed by two other black bulletproof SUV's. We waved and the SUV's honked at us and the guards we know rolled down the windows and waved to us! It was like a Jack Bauer moment, minus the shooting and shouting! Awesome.
The president's name is Otto Perez Molina and he has been President since 2012. They attacked and wounded his daughter and killed somone who was talking to his wife when she came out of the house. His house is like Fort Knox and always has guards and police around it, but apparently we aren't a threat because they were seriously honking and waving... Photo op moment and no camera! Still awesome! He leaves at a different time and goes a different route every day.
We yelled, "Buenos dias el presidente!!!"  The guards hollered "Buenas Dias," too! They are in suits and fully armed, with bullet proof vehicles and shaded windows... So we didn't actually "see" him!
I am on a presidential high!!!!

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