Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Pitchers & El Presidente

These are our good friends, the Pitchers, who came here in June and have become our best pals.
They are from Pleasant View, near North Ogden. He was a Stake President there and made his living as a plumber. She is a school teacher, who taught 5th and 1st grades and she is Matt and Kristen Rash's aunt. Her sister lives in Layton, but is leaving on a mission to Canada soon. Paul, is a counselor in one of the branches at the CCM and they used to be on our shift until they changed us to all Spanish speakers shift! They are really fun and really good people. They have 5 kids.


Okay, you're not gonna believe this but I swear on my life, I am not kidding! This morning we left at 7:30 for our walk because we were going further than we have ever gone. We walked by the president's house on the way and waved to all the security guards in suits outside and said, "Buenos dias." We walked the other way and went clear down by a frontage road by the main highway... Sort of like walking on a freeway entrance at home. We were on our way back, when we see motorcycles and a police truck flashing! Then guess what?! The presidential motorcade, three black bulletproof SUV's again. We were like a foot from them so we heartily waved again and we got a honk from all three AGAIN! I am sure it was the guys we saw earlier and they were driving the president to work! Seriously... What are the chances we would see them again?! Two brushes with fame in the same month with our personal friend, Otto Perez Molina!

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