Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Goodbye, Olson's

Just in case you were wondering... Yes, they do have a Mickey D's in Antigua! Here's the proof! Notice the similarity between Ronald's hair and mine?! Haha! This was on our day trip with the Pitchers.

These are our friends/fellow workers, Ed and Linda Olson. They have been here three months longer than us and will go home at the end of June. They have 11 children and are from Rexburg, Idaho. She wrote to me before we came and assure me that "everything will be okay"! They served in the Mexico Temple, Washington DC Temple, and the Guatemala City Temple. Her health has not been good, but they have been troopers and were able to finish here. Their youngest child is getting married right after they get home. They are very sweet, down-to-earth people and we will miss them. On the bright side, we will be the next ones to go home... If they will let us out of here!

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