Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finishing Up May

Here is a picture of us at the Artisans Market. It is outside over by the airport and has a lot of native arts and crafts. Dad saw his hat and wanted me to buy it, but I didn't! We went with the Murri's on P-day last week, and I did buy some cute notebooks for the Young Women to write in for each other. Three of our young women will be leaving this week for the states and other destinations.

This is Brother and Sister Roberts, former temple missionaries! They are now in the presidency of the temple. She took a bad fall in April and had to have surgery on her ankle. She is hamming it up for us, but it actually was quite a serious fall and surgery, where they had to pin her ankle back together. She has been on a little scooter for about three weeks, and is now able to put a little weight on it. She is a trooper! She is actually the second sister missionary to take a bad fall and have surgery here. The hazards of sending seniors on a mission, I guess. They are from Idaho Falls and are really good people. Both are secondary teachers at the same high school.

This is a little lady named Maria, who is in our ward. We discovered her house is on one of our walking routes and went to visit her the other day. We have never met him, but this is her husband Enrique, from Spain, they have a daughter, too. She has Cerebral Palsy, and paints beautiful oil paintings... With her feet! The painting she is holding is of Lake Atitlan and the one on the right is a self portrait of her. She shows her art in a gallery here, but had a few at home to show to us. The Murri's bought the one of Lake Atitlan for Q1800 and the Thompson's bought the one on the ground for the same price. She was educated in Europe and is very interesting to talk to. He is a chiropractor and massage therapist.

This is my little friend, Sandra, who brought her two little charges to meet me! I think she tends them after school. They were adorable and polite. The brother is nine, and the little sister is five. Luckily I had gallettas (cookies) to give them!

Brother Pitcher snapped this picture while driving on the highway in Guatemala City. He called it "pre-nugget" delivery!!

This was at our Primary and Stake activity at the temple and our ward house, which is next to the temple. There are a few kids singing from our primary. There are about five more kids, a mix of natives and Americans.

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