Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Stories

When we go to the medical clinic downtown, we pass this military facility/castle! It takes up several blocks and is pretty fortified.

These are the missionaries serving in our area. The hermanas are in our ward, except the one in blue just went home to Peru! We got an American sister we knew from the CCM in her place, Hermana Taylor.

Mom was able to get her hair fixed... Finally! ;)

Here's a family that was over at the Distribution Center across from the temple when we walked by on Wednesday. We thought they had traveled to the temple (and it's closed) but we realized they had dropped off a son or daughter at the CCM. There were cars and trucks in front of the CCM and the parking was probably all gone. The whole family came in the truck and parked at the Distribution Center. We had a big new batch of missionaries come in on Wednesday, but only 11 from North America. The rest were all natives! Way cool, eh?!

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