Saturday, July 6, 2013

Temple Visitors

The temple is closed for two weeks for cleaning, repairs, and projects that need to be done, so all the temple missionaries have two weeks off! We have been so busy, we won't know what to do with ourselves! Some of the couples took little trips, but we opted to stay around Guatemala City. The two weeks before the closing were crazy busy. The people from Patizia, in the mountains, came in bus loads and spent two full days doing temple work... Young and old alike! We had two tiny little 90 something abuelitas who spoke only Kechi, couldn't read, but did multiple sessions, sealings, and baptisms. These people all bring a spirit with them that you can feel when you talk to, shake hands, or hug! Here are some pics we were able to take while they were here.

This is one of the little families eating ice cream on the lawn.

Here is a family of some sisters who came. There is a girl in the back who had a baby on her back and hid behind the others, but wanted to be in the photo. I think she was embarrassed, but they were all so happy and sweet.

Here's a family who was sealed while they were here. Look how cute the baby is!

Here's two little entrepreneurs who go around the temple when there are groups there. They also go up and down the street where we live and by the convent/school! Good business sense!

This is part of a youth group after baptisms, checking out the little "store" of handmade items... Scripture covers, I think, across from the temple.

This is the youth leader and his son after baptisms.

This is one of the precious abuelitas... Not the oldest one who came with her relative, who helped her. She was about four feet tall.

This cute family ran over and asked if we would take their picture. They knew we were missionaries and all gave us a hug. We were practically rock stars! Bahaha!

We asked this girl if we could take her picture, and she covered her face... She was shy, but she let us take it! She was with the group from Patizia.

This is another hermana from Patizia. I talked to her in the temple and then we saw her outside, so we took her picture.

This lady volunteers or works at the temple, and she had her children with her, so we took her picture! She's really nice.

This is a district of sisters from the MTC. They said I remind them of their grandma, so they call me Hermana Aubuelita! They are shipping out on Tuesday so we won't see them again. I emailed this to all their moms, because they can't take pics at the CCM. The girl in red, her parents left at the same time as her and are serving in Africa.

These are the most amazing shoes, which a lady here custom makes by hand! I asked her how she learned to do this and she said God helps her... It is how she makes her living. I am trying to get dad to have a pair made... She makes all different styles and they have rubber on the soles. Aren't they awesome Kenzie?? Rival to Vans!

This is how Pizza Hut (and others) make their deliveries here. This is their little fleet of delivery cycles, and they have a tiny little place by the CCM!

This is the new missionary couple from Pleasant View, Utah, Paul and Elaine Pitcher. She was a school teacher, and Sally Oostyen did her student teaching with Elaine. He was a plumber and they both retired a year ago. He went here on his mission and knew Phil Johnson when he was here. He has been a bishop and stake president, and was called into a branch presidency at the CCM. There are two branches of missionaries who meet in our little ward building on Sundays. They live on the 3rd floor of the CCM, but it is being remodeled to accommodate all the new missionaries and booting the seniors out! It was supposed to be at the end of this month, but it looks more like October instead because the construction crew does it all by hand! We lost two couples this week, the Southwick's, and the Viveros, but the Viveros will be back to volunteer one day a week.

This is Brother and Sister Olson from Rexburg, Idaho. They have 11 kids and this is their 2nd mission. They wrote to us before we came here, but they put us on opposite shifts! They are a really sweet couple.

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