Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Friends

Here's the latest picture of the Guatemala City temple missionaries with two new couples. The Eberhards from Blanding, Utah and the Wilson's from Alamo, Nevada, who just arrived last week.

These are our friends, the Svensons, from Bar Head, Canada. They went home in April and were pretty vital to the organization of our temple for 18 months. He served as an assistant recorder and she was in charge of the roperias (clothing). They were on straight night shift beginning at 2:00pm and they stayed until the temple closed, which could be 10:00-11:00pm. She did all the sewing and alterations in their apartment and created some beautiful little baby and toddler dresses out of the hemming scraps. He is a science and math teacher and she worked as a teacher's assistant. We hike the active volcano, Pacaya, with them in April. They are really good people.

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