Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stories From Guatemala

Here is what I did on the Saturday before Easter. Chris asked me if I was going to hide them for Dad! They would be so easy to find them in our tiny apartment!

Since they don't boil and color eggs here, I just used food coloring and vinegar. They turned out okay, but where are my grandkids when I need them?!


This is the temple presidency before the Harris' left. Left to right: Randy and Donna Harris, William and Patricia Burk, Jose and Enoe Galvez.

This is our new temple presidency. President and Sister Galvez, 1st counselor President and Sister Burk, our new counselor President and Sister Roberts.

This is the precious little fruit truck that stops out in front of our apartment. We told all the other missionaries about it because it is a little mother and her two sons. Sister Tanner and President Burk came out to buy some today.

These are our wonderful secretaries at the temple office. Left to right: Brenda, Evelyn, President and Sister Burk, Martha, and Maggie. I think they got to go out to lunch of Secretaries Day. They are wonderful and help with everything, including making me speak Spanish to them so I will learn it. They are my best cheerleaders and give me thumbs up when I do it right! Dad brings them treats all the time, so he is very popular with them!

This is the first missionary who was sent out from Guatemala. She plungers at the temple and loves to tell her story. I think she told me she was in her 80's and speaks English and Spanish. They sent her out when she was 17! She told me they interviewed her and asked her age, so she just went out! She is a character and has had a very interesting life!

Here is a beautiful neon green lady bug. This is one of the few cute and not mean bugs here! She landed on my shirt while we were walking.

This is what I do to keep my hands busy here.. I am donating them to the hospital, because the indigenous mothers who deliver there, come with nothing for their babies. Sister Roberts helped me with them when she was laid up from a surgery for a bad fall she took in March! I started with 10 and will go from there.

Here's my last ones, ready to tie!


We had an exciting adventure last week when we went to a school program at the University of San Marroquin campus in the heart of the city. This is the Juan Bautista Gutierrez auditorium and the man on the right is Lynn Justice who came out to greet us. He and his wife are the founders of the Equity American School here in Guatemala, where many of the young women go to school. We had no idea where it was, but called our trusty taxi driver, Andres, and he got us there. We got dropped off, so we had no idea where the auditorium was. We said a little prayer that we could find it, and asked a girl, "Donde es Juan Bautista Gutierrez Auditoria?" She pointed us in the right direction and we found it! What a wonderful night and the young women seemed thrilled that I was there. They all came into the audience afterwards! The Justices come to the temple, so we know them and she is an amazing educator and principal. I wanted to apply for a job there! Look up the school online and it will tell you all about Lynn and Bonita Justice and their amazing school. They have eight children and he flies his own plane everywhere. She started it because she was not satisfied with the schools in Guatemala. They have lived in California for 26 years.

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