Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunday Dinners

I need to update the blog, so I will start with my friend, Sandra Rodas, who works part time cleaning the temple. She was needing some extra work because she has a daughter on a mission in Nicaragua and asked the missionaries if they needed any help. I told Dad that we needed to help her, so she comes to our apartment one day a week, along with some of the other missionaries and cleans! While talking with her, I found out that she now has a son on a mission, too... So I am glad that we were impressed to her her out. She does a wonderful job and I love her a lot.


This is a picture of Elaine Pitcher in their new apartment. Booooo! Yes, the Pitchers had to move from the temple housing to a big apartment building downtown called Victoria's Suite (Victoria's Secret :)). They are now about 20-30 minutes away by car, and no, we can't walk there! Brother Pitcher is serving as the Executive Secretary to the Area Presidency and they are no longer temple missionaries, but Sister Pitcher still comes on Tuesday mornings to help out at the temple. We went to their new apartment for a Sunday dinner and a walk a few weeks ago. We miss them a lot!

Dad and Brother Pitcher visiting on the day we went over for dinner.

Beautiful table setting for a fancy dinner!


This is a farewell and welcome dinner at President Burk's house for arriving and departing missionaries! The Harris' and the Svenson's are going home and Sister Tanner and Sister Caballero have arrive from Orem, Utah. The Pitcher's will also be leaving the temple housing so they can be closer to the area offices, where they both serve now.

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