Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day, Missionaries, & Fruit

Here's all the handsome and talented temple missionaries celebrating Father's Day, which was today in Guatemala! Hermano Velasquez on the bottom right is 84 years old and going strong! He is from Honduras.

This is President and Sister Southwick, the first counselor in the temple presidency. They came here on a regular mission and got called to the presidency! They are going home in two weeks, after serving for two years! Donna Harris is on the right.

This is an awesome couple who are only in their 50's, the Viveros' who are leaving in two weeks also. They are coordinators and have helped us so much with Spanish... They speak some English, and we will miss them. She was a Catholic, single mother, and joined the church through a friend. Then, she met him online and they ended up getting married. They may go to Honduras later and serve six months there at the request of the president of that temple. They love working in the temple.

Here's some of the fruit here... Cheap and delicious... Just disinfect it first!

This looks like a crawling creature or a sea anemone, but it's a fruit!

Here's what it looks like inside. You eat the white part and spit out the pit!

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