Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taxi to the City

Well, yesterday and today have been an adventure! Yesterday, there was a big RAT in front of our apartment about three feet away when I was outside! It was stalking a little bird and sneaking along like a cat. I stomped and clapped so the bird could get away and it ran into the bushes in front of our apartment! No bueno!

Dad and I headed into the city yesterday. We called a taxi and went with our new best friend Andres. I felt pretty safe... No seatbelts, no English, but a carved cross on the mirror and a little statue of Mary on the dashboard... Can't go wrong with that! It cost 150 quetzals for the taxi.

Today was a substitute taxi driver, because Andres was in Antigua! Really nice guy who speaks a little English and offered to drive us anywhere we need to go during the next 16 months. He is friends with the Southwicks who are leaving next week! We even had him stop at Wendy's and bought him lunch on the way home!

PS. No crosses, religious symbols, Mary, or seatbelts [in the taxi] but these guys are experts at driving in this crazy traffic!

PSS The driver said I was the first person he had seen in Guatemala with red hair! I pointed to the Wendy's sign to show him another redhead! haha! This red hair is really a hit with the natives! We love you!

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