Sunday, June 2, 2013

Snacks and Naps

Here's a normal supper/snack for us. I cook the black beans in the crockpot... A real native meal! We eat our main meal at the CCM around 1:30. Lately, we have been splitting one meal... Dad eats the meal, and I eat the soup. Our BFF Carlos, the chef, makes a big pot of soup every day, so I am in soup heaven here! We eat the fresh fruit and take the dessert to the guards in our building... Shhhhh, we're not supposed the take food out of the lunchroom! I actually think that rule is for the young missionaries, so they won't take food to their rooms.


Sister Murri took this picture Saturday morning in front of our apartment. That's why they have so many hammocks at the Central Market for sale!

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