Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Present of a Lifetime

Today, June 11th is Grandpa Woolsey's birthday. He would be 107 if he were still here! When I woke up at 4:30 am (we are on the early shift this week) I was thinking of him. When I got to the temple, I had the distinct impression that we should do the work for him that we couldn't do in the Bountiful Temple the day our family did other family sellamentos. After our shift, we went home to get the paperwork, which I have been carrying with me since we left on our mission, hoping to get it done somehow. We went back to the temple, explained to a secretary in Spanish-English and gestures what I wanted, she understood and finished it up! We waited in the lobby until they could do it... On a beautiful, sunny day (it had rained for three days solid, but cleared up that day and rained the day after) my father and mother had their three children sealed to them in the Guatemala Temple! Another miracle to write in my book.... Be patient and it will come! Happy, happy birthday, Dad. I love you and everything will be okay!

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