Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Birthday/Father's Day!

Happy Birthday and Father's Day to my partner in crime of 51 years, who turned 70 today! I made a turkey roast, potatoes, carrots, jello fruit salad, and Sister Murri made homemade rolls, so we had an American dinner! Here's his birthday "cake," sorry, no candles! I am really proud of him for coming on this mission, learning Spanish, leaving his family comfort zone, and learning new things every day... Like in school... Which he hated! It has been a big challenge, but sometimes I am proximity of his voice, and when I hear him speaking Spanish, he sounds really good! Hats off to you Dad, for accepting this call and doing your best every day, even though you don't always feel well. I am blessed to have such a funny mission companion! Love you and my family!

Happy Birthday and Father's Day, Gary you are the best. (From Gary) Two mile walk for this.

Birthday serenade in Spanish for the birthday boy! Who is that redhead?!!!

Close up of the birthday boy! He wasn't embarrassed...Bahahah!

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