Monday, April 29, 2013

First Real P-Day and FHE

Today was our first official Monday, P-Day... Last week was our Mayan excursion, so here's how it goes; There are two little stores within 2-3 blocks, but if we need more than a few things, someone, (usually a member of the presidency or a volunteer hermana) drives us about 20 minutes away to the PriceSmart or today, a Walmart. Six couples usually go, a van like Jenny's, with all the groceries, through the CRAZY traffic! Today, it was President Harris who drove us. We love being with them; He is so funny and she is so sweet. It takes most of the morning, then I washed clothes, folded them, and did some dishes, etc. We have FHE on Monday nights, and tonight we are hosting and giving the lesson to six couples and a single sister, all temple workers! Dad said, "Just to give my talk that I gave at home for the lesson." We are having peach cobbler and ice cream for a treat. Last night, our home teachers came and gave us a little laptop presentation on the TV about Canada... They are both from there. I knew that the first day when they said "aboot" and "eh"!!  It was really nice and interesting. My goal is to make them laugh because they are very organized and kinda serious, but really nice. Dad took some pictures of the stores, which he will send, if he hasn't already.


This is our Sunday School teacher Hermana Dick (no relation to Andy). She requested we send a better picture of her to our family!

Here's our FHE group having refreshment​s after the lesson. Dad conducted and I gave the lesson!


I forgot to mention that I saw an interesting thing at church yesterday... A little chihuahua dog! Yep, at church! In Relief Society they were passing it around like a baby, and it just laid on the owner's lap until we were done!!! It looked just like a nugget off the Taco Bell commercial. I was wishing I had Dad's iPad so I could get a picture and send it to you guys... It was so funny because it was nothing unusual here, just a tiny dog at church! We did have a good week, despite Dad saying it was the longest year of his life!

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