Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Shopping Trip

We had our first trip to PriceSmart for groceries, it's kinda like Sam's or Costco, we also went to a little market in a mall. We have a little pantry in our kitchen. Look at the wood floors! We used our Guatemalan money to join and buy groceries. If you divide the total amount by eight, that gives you close to the amount in American money. If you buy American food here, it's more expensive than native food. There is a little crock pot in our apartment, but I am missing my own kitchen! We bought quite a bit today, but it will probably last us for a while. The counselor who took us around today, came here as a missionary and got called into the presidency. They will go home in July. Donna Harris just left for the US this morning for a week. Guatemala City has 2 million people and the traffic is crazy... No rules!

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