Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Time in a Guatemalan Ward

Can you tell what this is? There are some precious little nuns who greet us when we go outside, if they are walking. They are right across the street!

Here are the precious, little nuns!

Yes, we are in a Guatemalan ward! We went this morning at 9:00. It was so fun! We heard two sessions in Spanish... I could understand some, and Gospel Doctrine was in English. Dad is teaching the lesson in two weeks... So much for releases! The locals are wonderful!

We happened to find a couple in our ward that was from Layton. The husband was telling us that his wife came to Yes! and was getting fliers copied for a fundraiser for their son. He was able to tell us that the owner (Dad) didn't charge them for the fliers. I didn't get to talk to her afterwards, but I will have to do that next week. I was busy visiting with the hermanas! They are so friendly!

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