Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Couple Stories

We just went out walking and Mom, not paying attention, about got run over. The funny thing was, I jumped further than Mom. The sidewalks are not too wide, or are beat up pretty bad. The sidewalks around the training center are good. Wherever you walk around, the guards are shadowing you for protection. We went down to the little market and there were a number of highly armed guards in the back of a pickup. I got some sugar free candy at market because Mom wouldn't let me buy any at Walmart. She just wanted to get out of there. I think she's allergic to shopping. That's good for the pocketbook!


Funny story today; So, I was working in the ropa (clothing, and it's really small) with a new sister today, when she said, "La cucaracha!" about four times. I thought she might start singing, but I moved a chair where she was pointing and sure enough... A big, about 3", long cockroach was on the floor! I took a Kleenex, (she was backing out the door) picked it up and told her, "muerto," and threw it in the garbage! She was fanning herself and sighing! So funny!!

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