Friday, September 26, 2014


Four Days Left: 4 of the Most Influential People

1. President Carlos Amado, he was released in August, but previous to that, he was a member of the first Quorum of 70 and Area President for CA.
2. Abundio Muldando is 90+ years old and was formerly the Mayor of Guatemala City.
3. Otto PĂ©rez Molina, the President of Guatemala. We didn't actually formally "meet" him, but we are good friends with his security team. We would get shout-outs and honks when they were driving him to work in the morning!
4. Our wonderful, extraordinary friends on the streets. Street sweepers, handymen, gardeners, security guards, fruit sellers, shoe shiners, little guy with down syndrome, and the rest! Too many to name them all! We got to say goodbye to all of them.

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