Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Last Weeks

The are the Burbidges, who we happened to run into in Antigua. She was called to be the nurse at the CCM and he says he just came along for the mission ride! They are from Utah. He doesn't speak Spanish, and is not a nurse, but he just tries to help out where he can! They have an office at the CCM and she tries to take care of all the medical needs there.

This is typical housing out of the city... Sort of like "The Projects" would be in the U.S. There are hillsides of little cities like this everywhere when you leave Guatemala City.

This is one of the many salespeople here in Antigua. There is a baby in the little bag on her back!

Dad was tired of me getting all of the attention for my red hair! This is at a Guatemalan Wendy's!

We saw this on our walk the other day. If we bought it and drove it home, Debbie Garton and I could drive twinning cars!

This is our last group picture with the temple missionaries! One new couple on the bottom right, the Gardners, are here. There will be two other couples coming in October, but we will be gone by then.

This is President and Sister Burk, the Murri's, and us at a typical Guatemalan restaurant. There was even a marimba band! The dinner was to thank us for our service.

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