Sunday, September 14, 2014

Last Break the Fast

Here we are giving our final remarks at break the fast, last week. We have met many senior couples who are doing all kinds of different jobs on their missions. There was one new couple, and five who will be going home around the time that we leave. Pitchers leave will leave on November 1st, as they have a replacement executive secretary coming in October to take their place.

I did mention there ought to be marathon medals for 1/2, 3/4, and a full "marathon," AKA senior missions! They are not for sissies, but of course, we are not sissies... Okay... Maybe one of us is! ;)


I wanted to say a little about this amazing family we met here in Guatemala, the McComber family. They were assigned to Guatemala two to three years. He was made the bishop of our ward in May last year. He know he would be bishop for only one year, and he set some wonderful goals to accomplish during that time. They have a married son, a daughter on a mission in Russia, a son attending BYU, and three of their kids are here with them. Yes, they are as happy as the look in this picture! He called me to work in the Young Womens and has been one of the highlights of my mission here, and I worked with their daughter Katie Rae and their son Parker in Young Mens. The youngest, "Peach," (everyone calls her that, her real name is Kirstin) is in the 4th grade, but is an adult in a kid's body! Sister McComber is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and thus, so is her family!

Our youth took a trip to the Xela (Shay-la) which is in Quetzeltenango, about six to seven hours away and it was a highlight for them. Every young person who went bore their testimony when they came home. They also have come once a month to the temple to do baptisms for the dead... Researching many of their own ancestors... Some kids had over 1,400 names! We have had several faith promoting activities, thanks to Bishop McComber. One of them was the walk of faith, which Julie helped us with when she was here. We also did an activity where we pretended to be a missionary living on a tiny budget. They had to shop, cook, and serve a meal on the amount of money assigned. Rachael and Blake helped us with that activity and it was fun! The kids played cello, piano, violin, and electronic sax. They played several musical programs for the ward, including a recital, Sister McComber led the singing. They left in July to come to Orem, California, and then to D.C. for Training... Then, they moved the whole family to Ecuador! They all have learned Spanish. I really admire them, they are loved and missed. They have a home in Orem, so we will possible be able to see them again when they come home for the summer!

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