Tuesday, September 23, 2014


*Having only a week left, I gave them a different topic each for each day, so we get a countdown and a recap of the mission.*

Seven Days Left: 7 Things You Will Miss Most About Guatemala

1. The sweet, humble, polite, industrious, hark-working, welcoming people
2. The weather! It is almost perfect all the time, even in the rainy season!
3. The volcanoes, one erupted for us today that we got to see!
4. The countryside out of the city. The beautiful flowers, trees, plants, little farms, and things growing everywhere.
5. The colorful native clothing, and the ladies carrying everything on their heads.
6. The beautiful babies, children, abuelitas, and abuelitos!
7. The fireworks! They celebrate everything with them, and they are awesome! Especially at Christmas and New Years!

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