Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fitness and Food

No shift today, we have the day off. We went shopping at Walmart. We didn't need much because we have been eating at the training center, which I really like. They have good meals and a salad bar with a real nice fruit bar. It has like, ten kinds of fruits all cut up. The plums are the best. We spent two hours shopping. Try dragging Mom around for two hours of shopping. That is a real job. Plus, I had to take my suit pants to the cleaner. I thought I was smart by taking my white shirt off, but now the food is finding my pants. Oh great! Today, we were walking over to a tiny shopping center to pick up my pants from the cleaners and someone set off a big bunch of fireworks! We didn't know if we should duck for cover or what! They went off right IN the shopping center... Good times!! (I bet they had to take the pants they were wearing to the cleaners after that ;)).


Dad: We just got back from our morning workout, everything is hazy, if you know what I mean. This is not a stroll in the park, this is real man's work. I was on the recumbent bike for one mile, lifted weights for a minute or two, got on the elliptical for three minutes, pulled on some other weights for ten pulls, then I went out and walked four times around the courtyard (about the size of two tennis courts). I sat down exhausted. However, we had to walk over and back from our apartment which was a block each way. Put all that in your pipe and smoke it. That's what I mean when I say a real man's workout. It's not for a sissy.

Mom: Ha ha! This is Mom. Lol means lots of lifts... Those ten lifts were exhausting. Lol.

Dad: Mom has gone to the doctor because she was so exhausted. It's brutal, real brutal. Mom's workout wasn't nearly as vigorous mine was, she is really tired.

Mom: Missionary lies! I did six times around the court and one mile on the elliptical, but I was slow because I haven't run since the Saturday before we left. I just put a batch of soup in the crockpot for tonight. They don't turn anyone away, so our shift could be long.


Head Chef, Carlos.

There wasn't as many missionaries because we were late, but here are some. Then, after taking a few pictures we were told not to take them in that area. Oops my bad. 

Mom's dress she hasn't wore in forever. She's a skirt and blouse woman.


The interesting thing is, these skinny girl missionaries get the same size portion and they eat it all. One thing we have been doing is getting a soup bowl and filling it with fresh fruit. Maybe we could cut down with the portions a little, but they cut it up and it is so good. Grapes, watermelon, plums, mangoes, blackberries (they are so big), apples, pineapple, and other fruit that they have every day. They prepare and cleanup, what's not to like? Mom couldn't eat all her fruit, so she wrapped it up in a napkin and took it out so she wouldn't waste it. However, the sign on the door said don't take food out of dining hall. We felt that was for younger missionaries. Of course, Mom handed me the fruit so if the police arrest us, I will be in Guatemalan prison for the rest of my life. It might make a great 60 minute piece, or even made into a movie. I hear sirens outside, I hope it's not for me. Maybe I could escape and go on the run like Jason Bourne. I always liked that movie and watching him, I've learned lots of tricks. He does shoot lots of people, I wonder what temple people will say. They might not like it, but the church would get lots of free publicity. That can't bad. We are doing well, but the last two days we ate at the lunch room. It's too much food. We're going to start sharing a meal. It will probably be better for us. Today was their Labor Day holiday so the temple was busy because people were off.

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