Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo!

This is the remodel of the houses for senior missionari​es, across the street from our apartment. Those two trucks were filled by guys filling wheelbarro​ws with shovels and dumping them into the truck by hand! P.S. Notice the guard in white shirt and tie by the open gate? Yes, he's armed!

Missionari​es playing frisbee on the sport court... No​tice the one jumping down? He just scaled a fence and went on the roof to recover a frisbee!


This is Brother and Sister Martino. He is the Area President (Head General Authority) over Central America. I said I thought he was from Guatemala, but he is from Texas and so is his wife. They were both converts to the church in their late teens or early twenties. They had been members of other church's, but Elder Martino joined the church and went on a mission. They had dated through high school but when he joined the church and went on mission she decided to find out more about these Mormons. Then she joined the church. Did you notice Mom in the background? I had to make a dash for the door to get this great photo. Museum quality, don't you think?

Here are some pictures from Sunday's Break the Fast, or Potluck.

This picture is of the Galvezes. They are from Guatemala, but now live in Kentucky. They are serving a temple mission.

This is Brother and Sister Kirk. They are the parents of Kody, the guy who rented Grandma's house. Brother Kirk is over security for the church in Guatemala.

The Catholic School across the street is having a carnival/party/dance today and American music is blasting up and down the street. I think the Catholics are much more fun than the Mormons here! ;)

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