Monday, May 6, 2013


The missionari​es were playing a game of musical chairs, probably to practice their language and it started pouring, so they all went running inside! So cute!

Missionari​es playing in the POURING rain now! They are drenched!


Facts about the Guatemala City Temple: It was dedicated in 1984 by President Hinckley and was the third Spanish speaking temple in the church. It is built on 1.4 acres of land. That is smaller than our property at home! John O Donnally, an American, who had moved to Guatemala traveled to Salt Lake City in 1946 and 1947 to plead with the first presidency for missionaries to come to Guatemala (he was 26). Four elders arrived there in 1947 and the land was dedicated for missionary work. O Donnally later became the first president of the Guatemala City Temple and his wife was the first native to be baptized into the church. There was a Civil War at the time of the dedication of the temple and President Hinckley prayed in his dedicatory prayer, "May there be peace in this land, and may it be preserved from revolution and war." In 1996, a peace accord was signed. Before 1984, the Guatemalan saints made 100's of trips by car, bus, and over many days to the Mesa Temple to participate in temple work!

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