Monday, May 27, 2013

The Rainy Season

They say May starts the rainy season in Guatemala, and we have had several days of it. Yesterday was the real start of the rain. It started Saturday night and rained steady all day yesterday (Sunday). Luckily, we saw some heavy duty golf umbrellas at PriceSmart a couple of weeks ago and bought one. The natives have been telling us that these wimpy little umbrellas would never do and would be broken in no time... The wind blows, too. It is still raining today (Monday) and thick fog rolls in all over the hills, like in a movie.

We saw an interesting sight yesterday early in the morning... Little crowds of people walking up and down the road with plastic bags, picking something up. We thought maybe it was seeds that got washed down from the trees. When we went to church, we saw all these bugs that looked like GIANT ants, some with wings, all over the streets. Yep, they were picking them up... Guess what for? They cook them and eat them! We asked the security guard in our building what they call them? He said, "Po Po de Mayo." They are like June bugs in the United States, but here they come out in May. We asked some of the natives at church if they eat them, and they said they don't like the taste! Interesting!

We had a big temple training yesterday. The temple presidency, plus the missionaries, helped put it on. We had about 100 people who want to volunteer come from all over to be trained! I was in the front hallway greeting people as they came, and it was a touching sight... It was pouring rain and they still came! One lady, who I knew, was soaking wet. She showed me her coat afterwards, and it was soaked. She must have walked part of the way. I am going to give her my umbrella the next time I see her. It was so pretty to see all these beautiful dark haired and gray haired, brown skinned people all dressed in white, some of whom had walked or ridden dangerous buses to get there! The training went from 2:00-5:00pm, so we got home around 6:00pm.

On Sunday we combined what we have with the Murri's for a meal. We had rice and a cake mix. They had chicken and homemade coleslaw, so we put it together and it turned out great. We like sharing an apartment with the Murri's, they are so fun and agreeable. He has a story for everything and they have a good sense of humor, so we laugh all the time. They work an opposite shift, but it is still fun to come home and talk about the funny things that happened at "work." Dad took a picture of the bugs for your enjoyment, but after church they weren't in big groups like before. We even had them crawling around in Relief Society during the lesson because the doors and windows are wide open for ventilation! It was like, "Hey, no big deal, just giant bugs crawling around on the floor!!!" Definitely, good times, people!!!


Look closely... Here's the bugs! They are about 1" long! Many got picked up while we were at church.

This is part of our Bishop's family. They are getting transferre​d to Mozambique in three weeks.


These are our darling greeters at church. M​om, son, and the dad, who just took a little lady in a wheelchair in!

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