Sunday, May 19, 2013

Temple Work

Yesterday, in the temple, bus loads of people came. They were the Cakchiquel Tribe, they call them Ke'kchi for short. They are short people from an extreme north area called Pete's. They don't all speak Spanish, they have their own language, but some have learned Spanish. They are a very poor people in material wealth, but rich in love of Heavenly Father and the Savior. One man in his 50's couldn't tie a tie, so I put it around my neck and tied it for him them put it on him. He gave me a big hug. He was four feet tall. He wrote the name on his hand so he wouldn't forget. It was a very busy day in the temple, but very rewarding. I saw an older man, probably passed 60, in a wheel chair take out his endowments for the first time. I think his son helped him through. They were people that were not conquered by the Spanish.

This picture is of Elder Amado. He will be our new Area President starting in July. He replaces Elder Martino who will be given another assignment. His First Counselor will be Elder Duncan, who was raised in West Point, Utah. He is Keith Duncan's brother. I didn't get a picture of his wife, she was still in Relief Society. Mom said she comes each week, but we didn't know it was his wife. He was born in 1944, the same year as Mom. He is 69 and might be retired next year as a General Authority (that's what he told me). He was the first Guatemalan to become a General Authority. His family joined the church when he was nine. The thing that attracted him to the church as a boy was Boy Scouts.


We are going to the Central Market tomorrow. It should be interesting. It was a tall building, but in a big earthquake, it collapsed. Now they only use three floors below ground which remained in good shape. They told us to be careful of pick pockets. Don't put our wallets in our pockets, and to hold our bag or purse in front of us next to our body. They said if you carry a bag by your side, they cut the bag and pull things out and you can't tell. They can do this because of the big crowds. Wish us luck.

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