Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dad's First Haircut in Guatemala

Mom: I am trying a new method of scripture study this week. I read/listen to a chapter in English on my iPad, then I switch to the Spanish version and read/listen to it in Spanish. I am recognizing more words and phrases as I do that, but it takes twice as long, so I am moving through the Book of Mormon more slowly... But whatever it takes, right?! We ventured out into the city today and found a salon (not Cultures!) and asked for a haircut for Dad. She did un perfecto job. She asked if we were from the MTC and I understood her and said, "Si." Woot woot! Also, when we came from the CCM today, there was a little "store" set up outside the gate (a table and trunk of a car). The girl was native but she went to Florida on a mission, and I got an awesome bag for 50 quetzals (divide by 8 for Norte monies). Ka-ching! Bargain! xox


Before... She used both scissors and clippers, just like at Cultures Salon. She wanted to shampoo, but I declined. She also put paste in at the conclusion.

After... Success! 70, plus tip.

Here's the little shop... Awesome!

They didn't speak any English, but they were so sweet to us. The salon was about the size of the office and shelf area at Cultures. Two chairs, two sinks, and one waiting chair. It was clean and tidy.

Dad in his new slacks, shirt, and stain resistant tie. Notice the haircut?

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