Monday, May 13, 2013


Guard tower at Costco.

I think everybody can come to Guatemala. There is a mattress for all at the local Walmart parking lot. Come one, come all.

Yes, we bring our groceries right into the kitchen in a cart! Hey, we're on the 5th floor!

Fun and games. Playing some Jacks.

For P-Day today, we had a cook-out for all of the temple missionaries. This area, where we had the cook out, is where we will have our apartment when they are done remodeling . We will have a grass area all behind a fence. It's very nice back there. Plus, we won't have to take elevator up and down all the time.

Our salad Mom prepared just like home.

Picture of the fried a plantain dessert... So good!

This is all of the sisters at lunch on P-Day.

This is the temple presidency. The brother and sister on the left will be going home first of July. They will be replaced by Jose Galvez and his wife.

This is Alberto and Yolanda Velasquez. They have a cute story of how they met. They had both worked in the temple for a few years, and both of their spouses had passed away. She rode the bus to the temple, he got on one day, sat by her and said, "I'm a worthy priesthood holder with a temple recommend. We should get married." So they did! Now they are temple missionaries, living on the first floor of our building. He is 84 and I don't know how old she is, but they are precious! She is about the size of Amy Roloff. She sings, dances, and plays basketball. She always says, "Que linda," when she sees me and gives me a kiss on the cheek!

We finally got a picture of the couple on their mission. ;)

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