Friday, May 10, 2013

They Work Out

Stopped in the pharmacy today and took a picture.

Guard shack at the back of CCA. They are in this most of the day, so if there's any trouble, they will be safe. You know, every man for himself. Those outside exercising... Just run for your life!

This is mom after I dragged her over to exercise. She's already worn out.

This is mom showing her displeasure with working out. (Or picture taking!) ;)

This is the rim I bent doing a 360 slam dunk. I didn't put the picture in, that's just bragging.

This is me on recumbent bike putting in many miles.

I'm pretty sure this number is two hours and thirty nine minutes, not two minutes and thirty nine seconds. Which is amazing because we worked out less than an hour. Well, I am bad with numbers.

This is mom pretending she's working out. You can plainly see that is not the case.

This is Dad working out. Making his body strong and healthy.

This is Mom lifting her cup of water. She gets so thirsty watching me lift weights.

Oh, I forgot this picture of me running. Mom is somewhere pouring water on herself to convince you that she is also working out. I think the pictures speak for themselves. One picture is worth a thousand words. You can plainly see this work out makes me laugh with joy. That is not a fake run, it's a joyful run. Pass these to Alicia, these must be posted to show the real truth of moms lack of effort and my going the extra mile. ;)

Noooooo! Look what they are doing to the fence around CCM court today... Green material threaded through the chain link, just like on the opposite side/shopping center. We won't be able to be entertained by the missionaries anymore... So sad! I might have to tackle the two guys doing it!

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